Case Studies

Whilst most accountants will claim to do more than just the run of the mill audit, accounts and tax work, it is useful to look at some specific cases, where we have truly added value to transactions carried out by our clients.

Although this is not a comprehensive list, and client confidentiality must be preserved, we hope that these examples give a flavour of the "all-round" business and tax expertise that is available.

Company Purchase and Sale

We have helped clients maximise their return from the sale of their businesses, whether large or small. If you are selling your company for over £20M to a PLC, or wanting to arrange a Management buy-out on favourable terms, we have done it many times. We can help you get the right legal advice and guide you through the tax minefield to reach a successful conclusion. We will even tell you if it is right to walk away from the deal.

Most clients will only sell their business once, and it is a stressful situation and you need a calm, experienced professional advisor to guide you through the process.

Similarly, buying a business needs careful consideration. We have carried out due diligence on target companies and structured the purchase to make it affordable. Cash flow projections, raising finance and guiding you through the deal making process are all part of our brief.

These transactions need a high level Partner involvement, as we will often be dealing with one of the national accountancy firms, and City solicitors.

Forensic Accounting

Many larger firms have specialist departments which can carry out investigations into accounting matters - which may be for the business owners, or for the Courts. We have been involved in many such exercises, whether checking for fraud or helping with business disputes. We have provided independent business valuations for the Court and we are members of the ICAEW Valuation Faculty.

Corporate Planning

Clients often call us before taking important financial decisions. Companies that do not have their own in-house accountant use us as a sounding board before investing in major items of plant or buildings, setting up new ventures, increasing bank overdraft facilities, or looking at cost- cutting measures. Our advice based on our experience of hundreds of similar questions can lead you in the right direction.

We can help you set up Pension schemes, access Government grants or help re-structure your company or Group. We are not just there to add up the numbers and calculate the tax at the end of the year - if you have a major transaction in the business, we can help you make the right decision. We believe that the savings made will cover our costs. We have recently been involved in preparing Financial Health Checks for clients who face difficulties in difficult trading conditions.

The Life-cycle of a Business

We have helped to set up hundreds of businesses - deciding on the correct business structure and the initial funding. In many cases we have seen the complete life-cycle of a business from set-up, growth, consolidation, and exit -either through a sale or retirement, or a Liquidation. We can help you with each stage of the process.

Negotiation Skills

As your accountants, we know that it is important to get the numbers right. However, this is a people business, and we are good with people. Whether this is talking through a problem with  the owner of a family business, negotiating with the Bank Manager, or arguing with the Tax Inspector during a tax investigation, we are always on your side. We often achieve great results for our clients because we see the bigger picture. Through our network of  contacts, and our experience we have often found solutions where the position seemed hopeless.

What have you got to lose?

Foreign Aspects

We know what you are thinking - how can a One partner practice in Holmfirth offer the expertise to deal with the International aspects of modern business. Well, it might surprise you to learn that we have advised property and travel businesses in France, Oil & Gas businesses with worldwide interests, and parent companies in the USA. Visited China to explore manufacturing opportunities, looked at numerous offshore tax havens, and dealt with the tax affairs of many non-domiciled individuals.